Are you searching for a church that would lift, strengthen, and en-courage your spirit? Longing for a closer walk with God? Do you want something that’s real, exciting and life-changing instead of dull, monotonous and boring? Many say that Life Church is a breath of fresh air. It’s vibrant, fun and life-changing. That’s a great combination for growing spiritually and winning in life!
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Got Kids?
Who ever said church is boring? We serve a great and loving God! It’s exciting to be able to impart godly values in our children’s lives! We believe in building strong spiritual foundations for their future. God is in the character-building business. It’s our character that speaks volumes and not just our words.
~ Life Church Children’s Ministry ~
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Teen Ministry
The Pulse
Vision: Train, raise up, and disciple young people to make a diff-erence in every part of society! In school, family, friends, church... wherever they find themselves - influence the world with the Love of God.
There are no boring people in The Pulse, only exciting, REAL, young people who face life everyday and want to make a change!!!!
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Campus Ministry
Old Dominion University
Every Nation Campus Ministry seeks to recon-cile the next generation for Christ on the college campus; establishing them in Christian fellowship and a local church; train them for victorious Christian living and influential leadership in tomorrow's world; and send them to impact their campus and ultimately the world for Jesus Christ.
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Military Families
“Our men and women in uniform have a passion for family values and spiritual growth. Life Church is dedicated to the spiritual and emotional needs of our military families.  Prayer is our strongest and most effective weapon. God bless our men and women in uniform!”
Bernie Bernales , US Navy CWO Ret.
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The joy of giving, providing and feeding the less fortunate be- comes an opportunity to bring forth hope and salvation through Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to build strong and healthy relation-ships with those that God has entrusted to us; evangelize their communities; establish them in local churches; equip them to become strong and effective disciples; and empower and send them forth to do the work of the ministry.
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